Pharmaceuticals and Diets

Pharmaceuticals, Diets

Our fully stocked pharmacy allows for easy prescription refills and one stop shopping for pet pharmaceuticals. Our pharmacy carries various formulations and strengths of drugs for ease of dispensing and accurate dosing. We carry drugs with the flavors that pets love like tuna, liver, or beef. We work very closely with various pharmaceutical companies to make sure our patients have the highest quality, properly stored, products on the market. Our prescription heartworm products our backed with a direct guarantee from the manufacturer themselves. A refill on most medications can be taken care of quickly and easily so the medicine your pet needs is simply a phone call away.


No two animals are the same and neither are their dietary requirements. We offer the finest Hill’s maintenance diets to meet the different nutritional and lifestyle requirements of different pets. We have puppy and kitten diets for fast growing, young animals, adult maintenance diets that come in both regular and a light form (for those pets with a more sedentary lifestyle), and senior diets for our geriatric pets.

Studies have shown that diet is one of the easiest variables to control in optimizing patient health. We also feature various special diets to help patients who have different medical conditions. These special diets are available for animals dealing with allergies, brain diseases, endocrine diseases (diabetes), gastrointestinal disease, heart disease, joint disease, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, and urinary conditions. Please ask us about which diet is right for your pet.