Nancy McIlwee’s Pet Grooming Service

Nancy McIlwee has been an animal groomer for over 40 years and has been grooming dogs at Boulevard since 1989. A standard grooming package includes a haircut and brush out, a bath, a pedicure (nail trim), cleaning and plucking excess hair out of the ears, and expressing the anal glands. She has always enjoyed working with animals. The veterinary staff at Boulevard allows her to get pets looked at as problems are recognized (skin conditions are much easier to see after a haircut). A native of West Virginia Nancy is active with the theater and arts guilds. Her long list of clientele keeps her very busy so call ahead to book appointments.

She can be reached at either:
919-828-7468 or 919-832-7610

To find out more about breed grooming standards, follow the links below:
Dogs: American Kennel Club
Cats: Cat Fanciers Association