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Pet Microchip

What is a Pet Microchip?

A pet microchip is a radio-frequency identification implant that works as identification for your pet in case they get lost or stolen. It comes in a syringe and gets injected under the loose skin between the shoulder blades.

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Heartworm Prevention

Why is Heartworm Prevention Important For My Pet?

Heartworms are parasites that are spread by mosquitos and can be deadly to pets. They are transmitted by mosquito bites and the adult worms live in the heart thereby causing damage. There is treatment available for heartworm disease but it is easier and safer to prevent the disease. Treatment can also be expensive and difficult for your pet to go through.

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dog obesity

Cat and Dog Obesity: How Can I Help My Pet Lose Weight?

Cat and dog obesity is a very real concern and it can be challenging to help them lose weight. Our pets can be genetically predisposed to being overweight.

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cat declawing alternatives

What alternatives are there to declawing my cat?

Declawing, onychectomy, is the removal of the third digital phalanx. This surgical procedure is sometimes performed to prevent cats from scratching. Scratching is a normal behavior in cats. They do it to maintain the health of their nails, to mark their territory, and to serve as an emotional outlet. There are many cat declawing alternatives you should try first before going though with declawing.

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Dog Allergies

Why is my dog itchy? Your pet could have dog allergies.

This is a very common question we get from owners and there are a lot of possible answers. One of the firstthings to consider is if your pet is on a flea and tick prevention monthly and if that prevention is truly workingwell for your pet.

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Pet Dental Cleaning

Why does my pet's breath stink?

This is most commonly due to bacteria accumulating on the surface of your pet's teeth as plaque and tartar accumulate overtime. This is a natural process that occurs over time if you do not brush their teeth everyday. (This would happen to us humans too if we didn't brush regularly!)

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Since 1945 Boulevard Animal Hospital and our veterinarians have provided the Raleigh area with the highest quality veterinary care for your pets.
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If your pet needs vaccinations, surgery, dental care, or more advanced care of any type, Boulevard Animal Hospital will be there to take care of your pet.
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We have a team of experienced veterinarians to provide expert care for your pet. We are all animal lover’s ourselves and strive to make every pet’s stay pleasant.
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